Impressive iPhone applications appearing

It’s only been a week since release, and already a slew of impressive applications are available for the iPhone. One in particular caught my attention, Telekinesis. Here are the steps I used to test it out:

Open a terminal window, cd into your Desktop and type:

svn checkout telekinesis

assuming you have svn installed… if not, first go get the subversion
package here and install:

Now, you need to get the Sparkle framework… an open source package
that applications can use to manage checking for updates to their programs:

Unzip the contents into a folder named “external” on your Desktop.

Make sure you have xcode installed (free download from apple developer
connection), then with the Finder go into Desktop/telekinesis/Mac and
launch the xcode project. Choose Build and Go from the toolbar. It
should compile and run with no problems.

You’re done! It will ask you for a username and password that you
want to use, and to trust a self-signed certificate.

Now, connect to you Mac from Safari on your iPhone, or test it using
Safari on your Mac:


You can now browse the file system on your mac, view .pdfs, grab a
snapshot from the iSight camera, grab a screen shot of what is
currently on your screen, etc.

This is so cool! Congrats and thanks to the authors!

We are going to see some very impressive applications, heck it’s only
been a week since release. If enough momentum builds, the iPhone could
quickly become the defacto standard for mobile web applications, just like the iPod has for digital music.

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