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No sweat SAMBA sharing

Saturday, August 26th, 2006

OK, I finally got tired of having varios quirks happening with sharing files between the various systems I have (Mac OS X, Linux, and unfortunately WinXP). While not very secure and only suggested for a personal LAN, the following SAMBA configuration works great. Your mileage may vary.

workgroup = workgroup
cups options = raw
map to guest = Bad User
domain master = no
restrict anonymous = no
preferred master = no
max protocol = NT
server signing = Auto
domain logons = no
local master = yes
passdb backend = smbpasswd
netbios name = ubuntupc
encrypt passwords = yes
path = /shared
read only = no
force user = root
force group = root
guest account = root
case sensitive = no
guest only = yes
guest ok = yes
browseable = yes
printable = no

Budget Performance PC

Monday, August 21st, 2006

So, here is my final “low budget” performance desktop recipe:

1 Athlon 64 X2 4200+ AM2 socket with el cheapo ECS C51GM-M motherboard $200 (Fry’s Electronics – no rebates!)
2 GB PC6400 RAM (only running at DDR 400MHz) $150 (Fry’s Electronics after rebate)
1 Nvidia GeForce 7600GT KO $180 (Circuit City – after rebate)
2 300GB 16MB cache SATA disk drives $160 ($80 / each Fry’s Electronics with no rebates!)
1 500W Power Supply (SATA enabled) $10 (Fry’s Electronics after rebate)
1 DVD+-R/RW dual layer burner (already had)
1 Aluminum high end case, 24” Flat Panel 1920×1200 display(s) (already had)

TOTAL $600

Had a chance to install 64-bit Vista Beta 2 over the weekend… WOW! I’m (somewhat) impressed… Vista rates my system at a 4.5 level (which I guess is pretty good… was at a 2.5 level before upgrading to the 7600GT video card). Vista isn’t bad, dedicated 80GB to it and had to install it first. It automatically recognized both CPU cores too. The worst thing about Windows these days is the crazy activation / genuine advantage scheme they require. So, after Vista is officially released out I might upgrade to their MSDN universal package… we’ll see.

Next, I installed Ubuntu 6.06 … upgraded to include XGL advanced graphics. The onboard GeForce 6100 video just didn’t cut it running a 1920×1200 desktop with XGL enabled. After upgrading to the 7600GT, WOW! It looks better then my Mac! I had to edit the grub bootloader to add the Vista partition. I can now dual boot between Vista and Ubuntu. I also installed the K7 specific kernel that is SMP enable to recognize both cores.

Installed CGWD to enable XGL “themes” of window decorations (ala Vista)… window borders now have that “glass” look of Vista, and can be frosted/blurred when not in current mouse focus. I next installed gparted to configure that extra 300GB drive. I have some other ATA based drives I was going to add (the mobo supports ATA IDE devices) but decided to keep this solely a SATA based system and will hook them up via external firewire if/when needed.

Pretty nice little system for the money. I want to see if the dual DVI connectors on the video card can be active with the VGA connector on the mobo, giving me three video outputs… then, I can drive my 3 24” flat panels for a huge desktop, the way I currently have it setup on my Mac. That is next weekends project.