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New gadgets…

Sunday, March 14th, 2004

Well, it’s official: I’ve pretty much switched.  I have two laptops (a Powerbook and a new Centrino Compaq X1000) and two desktops (an older G4 DP450 and a dual Athlon 1600+ PC) and I definitely use the Macs more then the PCs.  In fact, I probably use Red Hat Fedora Linux on my X1000 more so then Windows. I haven’t powered up my desktop PC for 2 weeks now either.

So, last week I bought a PCI ATI Radeon 7000 graphics card for the Mac so I can finally use all 3 21″ screens on it instead of on the PC.  Found a great deal on eBay where they have cards (meant for the PC) that have been reflashed with a Mac compatible BIOS.  It works like a charm!  The PC versions have 64MB DDR instead of 32MB too. All I needed was to go out and buy a DVI – VGA adapter so that the card could drive both monitors. I also ran a utility called PCI Extreme so that Quartz Extreme would work with the PCI card and noticed a definite improvement in speed. At only $80, how could I go wrong?

Next, I got tired of using the cassette adapter to use my iPod in the car.  So I bought a Griffin iTrip for $35 at the local Microcenter.  It works great!  I can choose any FM frequency using a playlist stored on the iPod.  Sweet!  Highly recommended. The sound quality was much better then I anticipated.