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Microsoft Unveils Visual Studio’s Future

Wednesday, July 30th, 2003

At a packed session at VSLive! New York Tuesday morning, Microsoft unveiled more details about future releases of Visual Studio. Read the highlights and watch the video of the keynote, led by Microsoft Senior VP Eric Rudder. (via FTPOnline)

SSH or VNC from your cell phone?

Wednesday, July 30th, 2003

Uh, is this connectivity at the extreme or what?  According to this story on Slashdot, these guys are running ssh and vnc from their P800 cellphone.  I guess this would be handy for IT types who need to check on their servers and stuff.  Wild! (via Lockergnome)

Digital Thermometer…

Sunday, July 27th, 2003

Well, due to the many heat waves the Bay Area has experienced, I decided to finally go and get a digital wireless thermometer set.  My friend got one from Radio Shack for about $40.  While at Fry’s today, I saw one for only $19.95!  It’s made by “The Weather Channel”, Model WS-9014TWC-BP and comes with a base unit and one remote sensor.  You can add up to 2 more sensors.  Hmmm… right now, 94.2 degrees in my office and only 84.6 degrees in the living room.  Think I’ll pick up my laptop and go into the living room to work… duh.

Prism GT “Nitro” in more depth….

Sunday, July 27th, 2003

If you want a great overview on Intersil’s Nitro range extension technology for 802.11g, take a look at this PDF presentation… it’s really well done.

Linux finally gets official 802.11g drivers…

Sunday, July 27th, 2003

Well, it figures.  After I buy a 802.11g PCI card, somebody announces official support for Linux for cards using a different chipset.  Wireless chipmaker Atheros just announced that officially blessed Linux and FreeBSD drivers for 802.11b/g and universal 802.11a/b/g products are now available.

The drivers were created by Open Source developer Sam Leffler of Errno Consulting and support all three generations of Atheros’ 802.11b/g and 802.11a/b/g chipsets for client adapters.

Go to for the free download. The FreeBSD device driver is also a standard part of the FreeBSD operating system, available at:

Upgraded to 802.11g… for only $100!

Sunday, July 27th, 2003

Well, I finally had it with my D-Link 1000AP.  It’s worked ever since I got it, but the range was a little poor… especially with my Mac Powerbook.  While surfing around at I saw that CompUSA had on sale a SMC2804WBR 802.11g wireless router/firewall for only $69.99 after $30 rebate.  Wow!  These things have really dropped down in price, plus they utilize the Intersil Prism GT chipset.  The router works great (using it with my Powerbook right now) and SMC appears to be pretty active in releasing driver and firmware updates.  Next, I drove over to Fry’s to pickup a SMC2802W wireless PCI card for my home theater PC so that I can finally get rid of the cable I have running on the floor.  I was prepared to pay $49.90 for the card when at the checkout I was pleasantly surprised to find it had a $20 rebate available!  So, if you don’t mind playing the rebate game, you can setup a complete 802.11g wireless network for only $100!

Couple more 802.11g related goodies…

Sunday, July 27th, 2003

Well, might as well go all the way right? My HTPC, being hidden next to the TV and all, connected just fine to my wireless router, but the signal was a little weak. Figured at $20, the Siemens Directional Indoor Antenna was a good deal. It has a 2.5 foot long cable that lets me place the antenna up higher in my stereo rack. Now I have a good strong signal.

The only thing left to update was my PC laptop. So, figured I might as well go with a matching SMC PC Card to take advantage of SMC’s Nitro driver enhancements that extend the range up to 2x that of normal 802.11g devices. Got the SMC2835W 802.11g PC Card for about $50 at, after a $15 rebate with free shipping and no sales tax.

2nd Part of PPC970 (G5) Review online…

Saturday, July 26th, 2003

Part 2 of Ars Technica’s PPC 970 review is up. It’s a pretty indepth look at the new chip and offers some comparisons with other chips and contains lots of technical details… be sure to also check out Part 1 of the series.

.NET gaining on Java…

Friday, July 25th, 2003

According to this article, .NET is gaining ground. Growing to 37%, up from 25% a year ago, while Java only grew 3% to 33%. Windows 2003 Server is also selling at a triple run rate of what Windows 2000 did during their first 90 days on the market.

Are Micropayments coming back?

Friday, July 25th, 2003

BitPass appears to be working on an Internet micropayment system. This could be interesting. It appears to work like a prepaid calling card. You buy chunks (smallest is $3 US) of BitPass money, and your micropayments are then deducted from that. Spending is completely anonymous, and the system even deals with access control to the paid content.